Freelancing Defined

These days, I'm writing more and more. I left my (13 year) job in 2016 and have been working to build up my freelance work. I've absolutely loved the flexibility of working from home and what I'm able to accomplish for our home each day. I'm able to set my own schedule and make money without even leaving the house. Freelance work is portable income and is a trend that continues to grow.

What is Freelancing?

To define, freelancing is working on a contract basis for a variety of clients rather than working for one company. Most freelance work is done online which gives a flexibility that a typical day job doesn't usually give. Freelancing gives you the option to have portable income.

There are virtually no startup costs to become a freelancer. You simply need a computer and internet access to get started.

In other words, you can work from the beach, the mountains, or at home in your living room wearing your comfy pants. The decision is yours, and the flexibility is awesome.

Portable Income

What does a stay-at-home mom, retiree, college student, and part-time job seeker all have in common? The answer is that they all have the ability to make portable income because there is a fit for almost anyone.

Freelancers are people that find ways to work online where they can write, present, tutor, manage, train, design, and so much more.

The Benefits of Portable Income

Freelancers typically enjoy making portable income because they are able to work from home or about anywhere.

Other benefits include:

  • You can set your own schedule.

  • You can spend more time on what’s most important to you.

  • You can more or less decide how much you want to make each month.

  • Feel free to take breaks whenever and not worry about the time clock.

  • You can hand pick the work and projects that you wish to accept.

How to Start Today

Again, the options are endless. You can tap into the skills that you used during your career and transition those abilities into online work. With a little research and elbow grease, anyone can be a successful freelancer.

In order to start a freelancing career that you’ll love, turn to Pinterest or Google. It’s really that simple. Read all that you can about how to write, design, manage, or whatever else you choose to freelance.

Search for companies and sites that have open freelance positions. You can fill their need at home with a laptop and internet connection. Start now and work to find freelance opportunities in your desired niche.

Work in Progress

My freelancing goals are a work in progress. I've learned a good bit over the last few years. For example, keep pitching to new clients. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. There are weeks where I have more writing to do than I'd prefer and then there are weeks where I wish I had a few more projects.

I've learned that it's something you just keep working at and the flexibility of freelancing somehow makes it all come together.

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