Two Freelancing Tools I Can’t Live Without

While I love to write, I don’t just love to edit. I get to typing so quickly that mistakes happen.  My brain thinks faster than my fingers can type. I'm fast in just about everything and writing is no exception. (Well most of the time.)

I took a course by Gina Horkey called 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success. During the course, I learned about a few tools that put me on a better path with my writing. Now I use them regularly. Today I'll share two of these great tools so you can reap the same benefits that I have enjoyed. They are for writers or just someone that wants to have better and more grammatically correct online communications with others.


Freelancing Tool Necessities

I've become pretty attached to these handy tools. What's not to love? They are free, easy to use, and they keep my writing on track for the win!


I find out about this tool from Gina's writing class. Grammarly is free, super easy to use, and can be added as an extension. Literally, it works like Word when that "annoying little red line" appears telling you that you that you've typed something wrong. However, Grammarly is better because it works for everything online. Even as I type this post, ever so speedy like, I've relied on Grammarly to tell me when I've messed up.

The great part is that it tells you more than just about spelling errors. It corrects your spacing and punctuation too. Those two reasons alone make me love Grammarly even more. Check it out if you haven't already! I've never tried the paid for features but I have heard good things and may try them in the future.

Title Case

Title Case is my cheat sheet to help me with headers and subheaders. Once I heard about this fabulous tool, I began to use it each time I sat down to write. Headers are important and they break up your post nicely. However, nothing is worse than doing it wrong.

The great thing about Title Case is that you don't have to know how to do it just right. In fact, you can depend on it to help you capitalize your headers every time. Simply put your header into the box on the Title Case site and hit convert. You'll get the correct capitalization instantly. This site is a lifesaver for me!

Freelance writing is a lot of fun. However, I have to find ways to keep things moving along quickly so that I can meet my deadlines and have extra time to do things around our home too. These tools will help save you editing time and will enable you to provide a more quality piece to your client.

Hope they work as well for you as they do for me!

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